March 18, 2024

What is a Micro Market? | Perfecting Workplace Snacks

Are you familiar with the concept of a Micro Market? A Micro Market offers the ambiance of a convenience store, presenting an array of food and beverages readily available for purchase. Unlike traditional vending machines, a Micro Market provides an expanded selection, including fresh and nutritious options. At Quintex, we integrated a Micro Market into our breakroom in 2018 and has been a positive experience for our team. Here are some considerations when deciding on implementing a Micro Market into your company.

Visualizing a Micro Market

A micro-market is a self-serve convenient store within the workplace premises, often found in the designated lunchroom. The Micro Market is comprised of display fridges stocked with fresh food, such as sandwiches and wraps, and beverages, such as fruit juices and milk. Additionally, shelves display items that do not require refrigeration, such as chips and candy. Lastly, there is a kiosk where employees can scan and pay for items they want to consume.

micro market display with display fridges,shelves, and a kiosk

Setting Up a Micro Market

For those considering a Micro Market, we recommend contacting a local supplier to assess suitability. Typically, a Micro Market is more cost-effective for companies with a large workforce. Nevertheless, options also exist for smaller companies. At Quintex, we mitigate costs for our staff by providing a monthly allowance to employees to be used only for Micro Market usage. Here are some other considerations:

  • Vendor Selection: Choose a reputable supplier that aligns with your company’s values and offers a variety of products and support services.
  • Installation Area: Ensure you have a space that can accommodate the display refrigerators, shelves, and kiosk.
  • Employee Onboarding & Training: Provide training on usage of the Micro Market so that employees know how to use the amenity.
  • Ongoing Management & Evaluation: Monitor the usage of the Micro Market, gather feedback, and optimize offerings to meet the evolving needs and preferences.
manager calling a micro market supplier

The Advantages of a Micro Market

The benefit of a Micro Market extends beyond convenience. From our experience, we found the following to be some of the top reasons we continue to offer this amenity:

  • Employee Satisfaction: By providing a variety of snacks and beverages, a Micro Market enhances employee satisfaction and morale, fostering a positive work environment.
  • Increased Productivity: With easy access to nourishing snacks, employees can refuel and recharge without leaving the premises, minimizing disruptions, and boosting productivity.
  • Customization: Unlike traditional vending machines with limited options, a Micro Market empowers businesses to personalize the selection to suit the diverse preferences of their workforce. This ensures that everyone finds something they will enjoy. In addition, more nutritious lunch and snack choices can be offered, encouraging employees to make healthier decisions throughout the day.
  • Convenience: Despite being near amazing restaurants, it would still take time for staff to commute to the nearby restaurants to pick up a meal. The Micro Market offers staff convenience of being able to grab a quick mid-morning energy boost or a grab-and-go lunch option while staying within the premises.
benefits of a micro market

Addressing Potential Concerns

While the Micro Market presents numerous advantages, it is essential to acknowledge potential concerns:

  • Cost: The financial investment associated with a Micro-Market can be a significant consideration. In some instances, it may be more economical to consider a different alternative.
  • Security and Theft: Implementation of security measures, such as surveillance cameras, can help address concerns regarding potential theft in an unsupervised environment.
  • Preference: Understanding employees’ preference and consumption habits is essential for optimal utilization and minimizes waste.
micro market concerns

What Companies Benefit from a Micro Market?

A micro-market can be advantageous for various industries and businesses, particularly those with a large workforce or those operating in high traffic environments. Industries such as manufacturing facilities, office complexes, and healthcare institutions can enhance employee satisfaction through the provision of a Micro Market. Furthermore, companies committed to promoting wellness initiative and fostering a healthy workplace culture can leverage Micro Markets to support their organizational values.

companies that benefit from micro market

The investment of a Micro Market in our organization has been resoundingly positive for our team. From enhancing convenience, boosting employee satisfaction to fostering a culture of wellness and appreciation. If you are considering innovative methods to support the well-being of your team, a Micro-Market could be the perfect fit for you. Stay informed about the latest developments and insights from our company by following us on our social media platforms. Join our community for more updates, tips, and industry news.



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