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Quintex provides quality tablecloths and napkins in a variety of colours and sizes. If you’re in the hospitality industry, you know that presentation is everything. Why risk ruining first impressions for your guests with a poorly dressed table or bed resulting from stained or tattered linens? As a Quintex Hospitality Linens client we’ll deliver crisp, clean linen to your door protectively wrapped to ensure you achieve the premium look that your customers expect. Soiled linens will be picked up on schedule for cleaning and any stained or damaged linens will be removed from rotation at no extra cost. We can also set you up with a contingency supply of linens to cover you in case of weather events or elevated usage levels. In the case of a special event or an emergency, we can even make a special delivery.

Linen Services

we have a variety of linen options
to meet your needs

we supply:
  • Restaurants - Manitoba is known for an incredibly talented restaurant industry. We are proud to partner with local Manitoban restaurants. Let us focus on what's important to us so you can focus on what's important to you.

  • Hotels - Let us help you make a great experience for your guests by providing quality linens. Save money, time, and space by switching from on premise laundry to rental.

  • Country Clubs - We'll provide what you need on a weekly basis to ensure your members and guests are looked after with adjusting inventory levels to meet your change in demand.

  • Banquet Facilities - Having an event? Let us know how we can help!

our linens include:
  • Napkins - our napkins come in a variety of colours. Don't worry about inventory, your dedicated Service Representative will monitor your inventory levels to make sure you're stocked with the right amount.

  • Tablecloths - we have a wide range of tablecloth sizes and colours. Special event coming up and need more tablecloths than usual? No problem! We have temporary linen rental available to meet your demand.

Types of Linens


What is linen rental?

Linen rental involves providing businesses with high-quality linens, such as tablecloths and napkins, for regular services and special events.

Do you service residential customers and commercial businesses?

While we would like to service residential customers, our business is setup for commercial use only. We specialize in providing quality uniforms, mats, and linens such as napkins, tablecloths, and more to many customers in Manitoba’s renowned hospitality industry.

What type of linens do you offer?

We provide a wide range of colours and sizes of tablecloths and napkins to meet your needs. We also provide uniforms, mats, facility services, and towels so you have everything you need from one provider.

How are linens picked up and returned?

Each week, your own dedicated Service Rep will be responsible for picking up all of the soiled linen while at the same time he will replace that soiled linen with fresh, clean, wrapped linen so you have everything you need for the week. The soiled linen is brough back to our facility where it is professionally laundered and inspected for quality before being ironed and finally wrapped to ensure a clean product is delivered each week.

What if we need an increase or decrease in our inventory levels?

No problem! We understand that inventory levels fluctuate and we’re there to meet your change in demands. Your dedicated Service Rep will monitor your inventory levels each week to ensure you have what you need. Any unusual increases/decreases can be made by letting your Service Rep know or calling into our office to make the adjustments. 

What is the cost of linen rentals?

The cost of linen rentals can vary depending on several factors, including the type of linens needed, the rental period, and the quantity of linens needed. In general, the cost of linen rentals is typically calculated on a per-item basis, such as per tablecloth or per napkin. 

What are the benefits of linen rentals?

There are several benefits to using linen rentals for special events or for businesses, including:

Cost savings: Purchasing high-quality linens can be expensive, and renting linens instead can save money in the long run. We can provide a wide range of linens in various styles and colours to meet the specific needs of an event or business. Change in demand? No problem, we will adjust our inventory levels to meet your needs.

Variety of options: We have a variety of linens in different sizes, colours, and patterns, allowing to match your theme or brand.

Convenience: Renting linens is a convenient option, we will handle the delivery, cleaning, replacement, and pickup of the linens. This can save time and effort so you can focus on your core business.

High quality: We purchase only high-quality linens and have specific wash processes in place to ensure that the linen is clean and well-maintained so that you always receive a professional and polished image.

Sustainability: Renting linens is a more sustainable option than purchasing disposable items as it reduces waste and requires less natural resources per use.

Quintex is proud to lead the way in sustainability within the industry, see the list of initiatives we have implemented to help protect Manitoba.

Hand Soap - Automatic and Manual Dispensers

Ensure the safety and cleanliness of your team and customers effortlessly with our range of hand soap solutions. Our clear foam soap is specially formulated without perfumes and dyes, making it an ideal choice for individuals who are sensitive to fragrances or prefer products without these additives. This soap includes a skin moisturizer and is dermatologist-tested, ensuring it is hypoallergenic.

Hand Towels – Touchless and Pull Dispenser Options

Enhance the safety of your team and customers while saving time and enhancing the aesthetics of any space with our pull towel and touchless hand towel dispensers. Our redesigned units guarantee straightforward and intuitive upkeep, refilling, and operation. We offer a diverse selection of hand towel dispensers and towels to cater to your specific usage requirements, all aimed at maintaining the safety and cleanliness of your team and customers.

Restroom Odour Control – Passive Air System

Our Passive Air System delivers reliable and potent odor management. These low-maintenance, efficient systems are engineered to provide a month-long performance without requiring batteries, and they have demonstrated superior performance when compared to gels, wicks, and aerosols.

Restroom Odour Control – Passive Air System

Complementing the fragrances of our Air Max Passive Air System, these 3D Shield Urinal Screens feature an innovative post and lattice design that effectively prevents 99% of splashback and installation issues, ensuring 30 days of lasting freshness.

Hand Sanitizer – Automatic and Manual Dispenser Options

Hand sanitizers, available in both automatic and manual dispenser choices, are perfect for promoting hand hygiene in any workplace, ensuring the well-being of your team and customers. Our hand sanitizer is free from perfumes and dyes and includes a built-in moisturizer to combat skin dryness. This convenient solution serves as a valuable weapon in the battle against germs and dirt, supporting a healthier environment.

Toilet Tissue

Enhance the cleanliness and hygiene of any setting with our straightforward dispenser, designed to seamlessly complement diverse environments. Our range of toilet tissue dispensing systems offers various styles, making them an ideal fit for any restroom, resulting in enhanced efficiency and cost savings. Elevate hygiene standards with Quintex's hassle-free and low-maintenance washroom service.


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