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Quintex is a one-stop-shop for all small, medium and large-sized businesses in need of uniform, mat, linen and facility services. Services include uniforms, mats, linens, and towels rental laundering and delivery as well as direct sale of branded apparel. We are committed to finding solutions that meet the cross-departmental operational needs of Manitoban businesses by delivering quality products and facility management services, so your business and team can look, feel and function most effectively.

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finding custom solutions for Manitoba.


Manitoba’s auto industry takes tough work, and even tougher workwear. Lets outfit your squad with durable, branded apparel that is always crisp and professional.


We'll keep the linens, towels, garments, and more looking crisp to help ensure your team has what they need to deliver a lasting experience.


Your team will look good and feel safe with our custom uniform solutions. See what else we can provide to make your day easier.


Safe handling of apparel and more ensures your team meets the high quality standards needed to take on the day.


Safety apparel? Fire resistant? High visibility? We have thousands of options to meet your needs, and we can custom brand those too!


buy, manage & maintain branded apparel, seamlessly.

Ready to elevate your operations and take inventory management of apparel and workwear to the next level? For when rental of uniforms isn't an option, check out Quintex’s direct sale division, Q Custom Clothing.

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Manitoba Made.

Quintex is passionate about helping Manitoban businesses succeed. Why? Because local businesses are the backbone of our community. We support Manitoban businesses by providing fully in-house uniforms, mats, linen and facility management services, so your team can operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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May 2, 2023
Keep Your Floors Clean and Safe with Mat Rental Services

Commercial floor mats serve an important role as the first line of defense in keeping businesses clean and safe. Sometimes referred to as rugs, entrance mats, carpets, and many other names, these mats come in various styles, shapes, and colours to help any business. The right floor mat program provides many valuable benefits to your building.

May 2, 2023
Embracing Innovation and Technology

Continuously looking for ways to use technology to our advantage helps us provide a better experience for our customers, improves our quality, and increases longevity for our team members by turning jobs into careers. From our custom Quintex Repair App to our automated machinery, we are constantly looking for ways to provide a better experience for our customers and team.

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