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Quintex Offers Custom Transportation & Logistics Uniforms Across Manitoba

Manitoba being centrally located in North America makes it a key player in the logistics and transportation industry. Finding a uniform that looks professional and is comfortable to wear is important so that your team looks and feels great. Whether you’re looking for a trucking uniform, railroad uniform, aviation uniform, or a different transportation uniform we have the right fit for you. We not only look after your team, we look after your building as well. Our wide variety of floor mats, towels, mops, soap, paper, and other facility service items will ensure your building looks great as well.

Contact us today to learn more about our Transportation and Logistics offerings in Manitoba so we can find the right fit for you and your team.

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Your brand is important to you as is the comfort of your team, let us help with both.

We will help you find a professionally branded uniform that meets your needs and your budget. As your local uniform provider, we understand the importance of the transportation industry in Manitoba. From industrial work pants and shirts, polos, jackets, safety uniforms, and more we’ll ensure you and your team are looked after.

No need to worry about organizing another uniform delivery, worrying about what your team is wearing, or ensuring everyone has the appropriate number of uniforms for the day. Quintex’s award winning service means finding a customized solution that will create a clean, consistent, and safe lookfor your employees while saving you time and headaches.


Why are custom uniforms important for the transportation & logistics industry?

Custom uniforms are essential for the transportation and logistics industry as they enhance branding, professionalism, identification, safety, teamwork, customer service, and employee morale. By investing in custom uniforms, companies can create a positive and cohesive image while reaping the benefits of improved productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

What types of uniforms are available for the transportation & logistics industry?

The transportation industry encompasses various sectors, each with its own unique uniform requirements.

  • Airline Pilots and Cabin Crew: These typically include pilot uniforms, flight attendant uniforms, and ground crew uniforms.

  • Train Operators: Train operators' uniforms are typically designed for comfort and visibility. They may include collared shirts, trousers, and jackets or high-visibility vests. The uniforms often have reflective strips for enhanced safety.

  • Delivery Drivers: Uniforms for delivery drivers can vary widely depending on the company with many requiring drivers to wear branded shirts, pants, or jackets.

  • Truck Drivers: Similar to delivery drivers, truck drivers may have different uniform policies based on the company they work for. Some companies provide branded shirts, jackets, or coveralls, while others may have more relaxed guidelines for attire.

  • Shipping and Logistics Workers: In warehouses, shipping companies, and logistics firms, employees may wear uniforms designed for safety and functionality. These can include coveralls, high-visibility vests, and steel-toed boots to ensure worker safety.

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