Helping Manitoban businesses succeed since 1911.

Environmental initiatives.

We are proud to lead the industry in sustainability. As Manitoban's we are always looking for ways to look after the Province we are lucky enough to call home.

Commitment to the Community

As a family owned company, we are proud of our Manitoba roots and remain committed to serving the people and businesses of this province.

Our Team

It takes a full team effort to reach the high quality service our customers have come to expect. While we would love to talk about each individual, we would prefer you meet them in person. Come in for a plant tour today!

Our History

A commitment to service since 1911. We strive to meet the needs of Manitoba businesses and organizations for the past 100+ years and the next 100+ years.

Why us?

Quintex is a one-stop-shop for businesses in need of Quality uniform, mat, linen & facility services.

Family-owned, customer focused. Some things just never change. From our origins as a dyeworks company back in 1911, when we helped Winnipeggers rejuvenate their old clothes, to the full service uniforms and facility services company we are today, Quintex has always been about helping people look their best and meeting the needs of Manitoban's. Today, more than 2,500 Manitoba business and organizations trust their image to Quintex, a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our number one goal, beyond delivering an exceptional service at a fair price, is to make the lives of our clients easier. We do this by helping make sure their employees are always smartly dressed, their floors neat and tidy and their buildings well stocked with those easy to forget essentials that you only miss, well, when they are missing. You might say we are behind the scenes silent partners for our clients. Because when they look their best, we look our best.

Our vision

To be the most socially responsible, innovative and dependable image provider

Our Mission

To ensure our customers always look their best. We create an experience so compelling that loyalty becomes assured by providing the highest quality industrial laundry programs and image enhancement services; treating team members and partners with unwavering fairness and respect; and ensuring every decision supports the continual improvement of our community and environment.


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