February 26, 2024

5 Sustainable Choices We Made At Quintex

At Quintex, sustainability is fundamental to our operations. Recognizing the growing importance of sustainable practices for businesses, we want to highlight five practical initiatives that we have successfully implemented and believe any company can adopt. These practices not only reduce our ecological footprint but also foster a healthier work culture. Discover how these impactful changes can make a big difference for your company and the planet.

Paperless Invoicing

Adopting paperless invoicing, or e-invoices, is a simple yet impactful step with various benefits. It not only reduces the likelihood of misplacement but also streamlines the invoicing process. If your company already uses an invoicing system, transitioning to digital is straightforward. Keep your clients informed about the shift and emphasize the environmental benefits.

Paperless Invoicing Sample

Lending Library

Introducing a lending library is an excellent approach to promoting literacy and minimizing book waste. Our lending library is steadily expanding, providing our team with the opportunity to borrow and contribute books freely. Beyond its environmental impact, the lending library serves as a wonderful avenue for team bonding through shared interests and conversations about the books. Start by surveying your staff to gauge their interest and recommendations. Find a dedicated space, perhaps in the staff lunchroom for easy accessibility. Foster ongoing engagement by regularly sharing updates on the lending library through your company's intranet or monthly updates.

Lending Library Sample

Waste/Recycling/Composting Bin

For businesses considering a waste sorting system like ours, think about swapping regular waste bins for a sorting bin that includes compartments for general waste, recycling, and compost. Eliminate individual garbage bins next to desks and communicate this change with your team. A centralized waste disposal area encourages short breaks, promoting physical well-being and a mindful approach to waste disposal. For compost, look for local companies offering compost-pick-up services tailored to your company's needs. At Quintex, we collaborate with Compost Winnipeg, who collects our compost weekly.

Waste/Recycling/Composting Bin Sample

Recycling of Computer Parts/E-Waste

If your company has accumulated old, unusable computer parts, explore local businesses offering e-waste recycling services. At Quintex, we partnered with Equal Opportunities West to responsibly address electronic waste through their e-waste program. This initiative not only recycles items like old computers, hard drives, and electronic components but also provides meaningful work opportunities for individuals with disabilities, acting as both a recycling solution and a physiotherapy tool. Additionally, Equal Opportunities West also accepts small appliances, batteries, and beverage cans.

E-Waste Recycling Example

Hard Recycling

As a laundering service facility, we frequently come across numerous pens left in rental uniforms. Unable to return them, we amass a substantial collection alongside other hard-to-recycle items. For pens, we bring them to a nearby Staples for recycling, leveraging their free recycling program. When hangers are beyond reshaping, we entrust them to Industrial Metals, transforming them in to various metal materials—an approach applicable to retail companies dealing with clothing items. Burnt out fluorescent and CFL lightbulbs, paint, aerosol spray cans, air conditioners, and beverage fridges are brought to a 4R Winnipeg Depot. Plastic bags, when enough for recycling, are brought to a local grocery store that recycles plastic bags. Explore participating locations that take plastic bags for recycling at Simply Recycle.

Hard Recycling Sample

Embarking on the journey of incorporating sustainable practices may seem challenging at first. However, our experience at Quintex demonstrates that these changes are accessible to every company and can create a foundation for a more sustainable future. If you have a passionate group ready to take on this challenge, consider setting up an Environmental Committee. This committee can share ideas, offer feedback, and initiate projects, ensuring that sustainable practices are carried out, monitored, and contribute to their overall success. Making eco-friendly choices does not have to be a sudden overhaul of the entire operational process. Instead, you can start small and progressively expand your sustainable efforts as you become more aware of your impact on the environment.



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5 Sustainable Choices We Made At Quintex

Explore five sustainable initiatives we have successfully implemented at Quintex, adaptable for any company. Learn how to seamlessly incorporate these practices into your own business.

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