Towels to meet your every need

Shop towels, huck towels, microfibers, bar towels, roll towels and many other towel options to help keep your team and your building clean. Avoid the upfront cost and have the right amount of clean towels delivered to your facility to fit your cleaning habits. Each towel is inspected for quality before being sent to our customers. Any towel that does not meet our high-quality standard is replaced with a new one at no added cost to the customer.

Whether you’re a restaurant looking to keep your kitchen clean or a manufacturer maintaining your machines we have the right towel for the job.

Our Kannegiesser Revolution machine, the only one of its kind in North America, has vastly improved Quintex’s towel processing operations providing a cleaner, more hygienic end product for our customers.

Types of Towels

Opting for towel rentals presents an excellent approach to maintaining the cleanliness of your team, facility, equipment, and workspace, all while upholding a professional image. This cost-effective, hassle-free solution serves your needs while championing sustainability by reducing reliance on disposable cleaning materials, thereby minimizing environmental footprints. It streamlines operations by eliminating the costs and time spent on procuring and upkeeping these items. Additionally, it grants access to premium, professionally laundered microfiber products, ensuring consistent performance and cleanliness.

Towel Services

we have a variety of towel options
to meet your needs

we supply:
  • Restaurants - Microfibers help to effectively clean frequently touched surfaces while preventing cross-contamination. Huck towels made from 100% cotton are extremely absorbent making them a great option for cleaning. Hand towels, tea towels, face cloths, and roll towels help to keep your customers clean.

  • Automotive/Industrial/Manufacturing – Shop towels and microfibers help to keep your team and your equipment clean. Our dedicated service rep will make sure you always have the appropriate inventory. Our roll towels keep your teams hands clean by offering a clean that air driers can’t provide.

  • Manufacturing – Work can be messy, let us help keep your equipment and team clean with a variety of towel options to fit your     specific need.

  • Other - Towels can be expensive and time consuming to maintain. Let us provide your team with what they need so you can spend time one what's important to you.

our towels include:
  • Shop Towels

  • Cloth Roll Towels & Dispensers

  • Paper Towels

  • Microfibers

  • Huck Towels

  • Tea Towels

  • Bar Swabs

  • Hand Towels

  • Face Cloths

Did you know...

according to a study conducted by Queensland University, cloth and paper towels are significantly superior to hot air driers in reducing the spread of bacteria in washrooms?


What type of Towels do you rent?

With different business needs comes different towel requirements, we’ll help you find the right one. From heavier soiled industries such as the industrial and manufacturing industry to our lighter soiled industries like pharmaceuticals, we have the right towel for you. Here are just a few examples:

Shop Towel – This Cotton blend towel is durable and effective, making them one of our more popular towels. Frequently used by our automotive, industrial and manufacturing customers, these towels work great in heavy soiled areas when it comes to wiping down machinery, tools, tables, and your team.

Microfibers – Microfibers help to keep surfaces, and your team clean and healthy. For slightly less soiled environments, microfibers effectively clean frequently touched surfaces while preventing cross contamination. The smoothness of a microfiber also makes it much less likely to scratch sensitive surfaces and the quick-dry capability lowers the risk of bacteria growing.

Bar Swabs – These towels are a perfect addition to keep your tables, counters, and dishes clean. Whether you need to clean a spill or get rid of a streak on a glass, these absorbent towels are ready to use when you need them most.Huck Towels – Huck Towels are known for their versatility due to their absorbency and durability. The extreme absorbency makes them a great option for frequent spills/messes while their durability ensures that they can withstand frequent use.

Roll Towels – Our roll-towels are a highly effective option for removing dirt, dust and germs while offering a low maintenance solution. Our Revolution machine is the only one of its kind in North America, and provides a precise clean to each roll towel while our Service Reps monitor your inventory levels to make sure you have the right amount each week.

Other Towels – We have a wide variety of towels to meet your business needs. From hand towels, face cloths, and hand towels to paper towels and tea towels, we have a towel for your need. Call us today to see how our towel service can meet your business needs.

What are the top 5 benefits of a Towel rental program?

Cost Savings – purchasing towels outright can be expensive upfront for the initial purchase and costly to maintain moving forward. Rental of towels offers a lower upfront cost and is less expensive to maintain over time in washing, drying, sorting, and maintaining towel inventory levels. 

Convenience – you have enough to worry about without thinking about laundering, repairing, and replacing towels. We will ensure you have the appropriate amount of towels each week so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Quality and Maintenance – renting towels through Quintex ensures that you only receive the highest quality towels. Each towel is inspected for quality assurance before being delivered. Towels that do not meet our high-quality standards are recycled for other uses.

Space Saving – you don’t need to worry about storing large quantities of towels that take up significant space. We’ll help you determine what inventory works best for you so you have everything you need for the week without storing excess which takes up valuable space.

Sustainability – we use eco-friendly laundering practices to ensure your towels are clean and fresh without harming the environment. 

How do you ensure quality with your Towels?

First, we begin with the type of towel that works best for your business. Our industry knowledge and wide range of towel options ensures that each business has the appropriate towel needed for their business. This ensures that you have the right towel for the right job.

We then ensure that each towel receives the appropriate wash cycle. Each type of towel requires a unique wash temperature, chemical, spin speed and time in our washer and dryers to ensure the towel is clean and fresh without damaging the towel.

Finally, before each towel is placed in a bag it is individually inspected to ensure that it meets our high-quality standards. Any towel that is too worn is automatically replaced at no extra cost to the customer.

What if we lose/damage Towels?

No problem! We understand that towels will occasionally be lost or damaged during a workday. Towels that are damaged or repaired at a reasonable rate are automatically replaced at no extra charge to you.

Which Towel is best for us?

That depends on your business. Each type of towel has its unique purpose and is designed for a specific job. Our sales and service team are experts in determining the appropriate towel for your needs. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help!


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