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Flame Resistant, High-visibility, and other pants, shirts, and coveralls will make sure your team has what it needs to meet uniform regulation requirements that looks and feels great. Manitoba requires compliance with CSA standards that ensure high visibility in low-light environments as well as protection where fire is a possibility. Let Quintex assist you in determining and satisfying your company's CSA requirements. Our expertise and wide service offering allows us to find a solution that works best for you and your team.

We're also here to provide floor mat, toweling, and other facility service solutions to keep your building safe and clean.

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How do I know if I need high-visibility safety apparel?

You can find the Z96-15 high visibility safety apparel standard in a publication available on the CSA website. Your workplace health and safety officer can also assist you.

Why are some of the silver reflective stripes on garments wider than others? Are both standard compliant?

The CSA Z96-15 standard differentiates between flame resistant garments and regular wear garments. The striping package on the flame resistant garment has the same pattern as the regular garment, but the width of the retroreflective (silver) material must be no less than 19mm and the overall combination of retroreflective material and fluorescent material no less than 50 mm. The retroreflective material on the regular-wear garment must be no less than 50mm wide. The colour of the regular wear garment also affects the striping package as a fluorescent background may be required under the retroreflective material if the garment fabric is not CSA compliant for brightness.

What are the class levels for CSA-Z96-15 garments?

There are three main classes of compliance under the standard, along with some special cases. The three main classes follow:

Class 1
A basic harness of stripes/bands over the shoulders and encircling the waist.

Class 2
Full coverage of the upper torso with compliant background material (front, back, sides and over the shoulders) plus the retroreflective striping package. The compliant vests commonly seen on workers is an example of class 2.

Class 3
Class 2 apparel with the addition of arm and leg bands. The bands are composed of retroreflective material with or without fluorescent background depending on the colour/brightness compliance of the garment itself. For example, the silver reflective would need a fluorescent band underneath it if the garment was navy rather than compliant bright orange.

Can I put our company logo on the reflective striping?

Yes. A logo can be applied over the striping as long as it does not cover more than 50 sq. mm of the retroreflective stripe.

Can I wear a dark coloured garment above the waist and still be compliant?

Yes, non-orange or yellow garments can be class 1 compliant if the pattern is adhered to and the striping is 4 inches wide with a minimum of 2 inches of retro reflective material. An example would be a 4-inch yellow fluorescent/silver/yellow fluorescent. In this case, the silver retro reflective material provides nighttime visibility and the fluorescent yellow provides visibility in the daytime.

Where can I learn more about the CSA Z96-15?

If you have questions not answered here, please contact us at 204-477-6600.

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