July 31, 2023

Purchase vs Rental of Uniforms

Uniforms are an important part of your business. They offer a cost benefit for your staff while also making them feel more engaged and potentially keep them safe. The right uniform program also promotes your image, lowers your costs, and allows you to focus on your business. So when it comes to picking a uniform program, is purchasing or rental the best option? That depends on what you’re looking for.

Uniform rentals are seen in almost every type of industry. Automotive, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, construction, agriculture, pharmaceutical, mining, industrial, oil and gas, and many many more industries rely on uniform rental to keep their team clean and safe. These industry’s contain businesses that usually choose a uniform rental program for a variety of reasons including:

  • Heavy Soil – some of these businesses will have heavy soil on their garments that could damage or potentially ruin residential laundry machines. By using a uniform rental program they’re able to ensure the garments get cleaned properly without damaging the company’s or employee’s washers and dryers. 
  • Consistent Cost – Buying uniforms for team members can be expensive and time consuming. Having a uniform rental program ensures that billing remains consistent week-to-week. New team members are added without the large upfront cost of uniforms being purchased. If a team member leaves for whatever reason, they are easily removed from the program without additional charges being incurred.
  • Regulatory Requirements – Many industries have specific regulatory requirements that must be met. Using a uniform rental program ensures that the garments are washed properly, and the right uniform is provided to each team member before they start their workday.
  • Consistent Image – On a weekly basis, dirty uniforms are picked up and replaced with clean garments. This ensures that each team member has the right uniform to promote the company’s image and boost staff morale. 
  • Damaged or Lost Garments – Like all clothing, uninforms can be damaged or lost during the workweek. When this happens, a uniform program will automatically repair damaged garments and replaced lost garments to ensure that each employee has what they need for the workday.
  • Employee Benefit – Employees that are a part of a uniform program receive multiple benefits. Their uniforms do not need to be washed at home, saving time and money. They do not have to worry about damaging their own clothes or purchasing new clothes for a job. 

Purchasing uniforms also has it’s benefit that may be a better fit for certain businesses. These benefits include:

  • Staff Appreciation – uniform rental provides uniforms to employees based on their need. Purchasing uniforms can be used to buy not only uniforms that your team may need but also other apparel (jackets, toques, sweaters, etc.) that aren’t a required uniform, but the staff may appreciate wearing outside of work. This is great for onboarding, company events, holidays, or other staff appreciation days.
  • Front Office Staff – polo’s, sweaters, jackets, and other apparel that may not need industrial cleaning can be purchased for staff when they require it
  • Compliment to Rental – many company’s look at both rental and purchasing of uniforms. Having one supplier who offers both options makes it easy to manage both the rental and purchasing of uniforms.



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