July 8, 2024

Flushed For Time: Washroom Facility Services for Enhanced Functionality

The average person visits the washroom 3-4 times during working hours. In a business facility with 100 employees, that adds up to 300-400 visits per day. Including guests, this number can easily double. With washroom facilities heavily frequented by both staff and visitors, maintaining cleanliness and ensuring adequate supplies are essential for customer and employee satisfaction. Effective management of these high-traffic areas is crucial, with rental services providing a solution to alleviate concerns about stock shortages. Today, we explore a range of washroom facility products that enhance functionality and hygiene, ensuring one of the most frequented areas in your facility is well-equipped.

Importance of Clean Washrooms

The washroom facility plays a pivotal role in shaping the perception of both guests and employees. A clean and well-maintained washroom not only enhances hygiene but also signals a commitment to professionalism and care. For guests, it reflects the overall standard of service and attention to detail within the establishment. Employees, on the other hand, value a hygienic washroom as it contributes to their comfort and well-being during work hours. By ensuring cleanliness and providing adequate amenities, businesses can foster a positive environment that leaves an impression on all who use their facilities.

Ideal Soap For Clean Hands

To maintain a washroom facility effectively, choosing the right soaps is crucial. Various types cater to different needs and industries. A standard hand soap, such as the Deb Foam Hand Wash, is hypoallergenic and unscented, suitable for facilities with a scent-free policy like offices, schools, healthcare facilities, and food handling environments.

For industrial settings with heavier soiling, a stronger hand soap is ideal, such as the Medium-Duty Hand Wash which contains cornmeal scrubbers to remove heavy soiling. This hand wash also contains glycerin to prevent dryness, and is ideal for manufacturing, maintenance workshops, and service garages.

In industries with heavy grime, soaps with more powerful cleaning agents are necessary, such as the Super-Heavy-Duty Hand Wash which contains Astopon® scrubbing agent and Eucornol® emulsifying active to effectively tackles stubborn contaminants while protecting the skin barrier ideal for automotive repair, construction, and heavy equipment maintenance.

Selecting the appropriate soap ensures optimal hygiene and user satisfaction, addressing varying levels of soiling and skin sensitivity.

The Right Roll: Toilet Paper & Hand Paper Towels

Maintaining a well-equipped washroom facility involves ensuring an ample supply of paper products. In smaller toilet stalls, a two-roll dispenser is advantageous for its compact size and dual compartments, reducing the need for frequent replenishment. This setup ensures a continuous supply, ideal for high-traffic washrooms, as the presence of two rolls minimizes the risk of running out of toilet paper unexpectedly.

Conversely, larger toilet stalls benefit from a jumbo roll dispenser, which accommodates a larger toilet paper roll. This setup is ideal for moderate-traffic washrooms, as a single jumbo roll can last throughout the day without requiring frequent refills. Additionally, the jumbo roll dispenser simplifies maintenance, as there is only one roll to replace, making it more convenient for staff to manage.

Another essential paper product in washroom facilities are hand paper towels, commonly used after handwashing. These towels come in several types such as kraft or white paper, and different ply options like 1-ply or2-ply. Various dispensers are available to accommodate different preferences and needs. For instance, a center-pull dispenser is accessible and ADA compliant, allowing one-handed dispensing. Mechanical touchless dispensers are ideal for minimizing contact and reducing potential contamination, while lever dispensers ensure reliable operation with minimal risk of paper jams.

Sustainable Hand Drying Solution: Cloth Roll Towels

For facilities prioritizing hygiene and sustainability, cloth roll towels offer a longstanding solution. Cloth roll towels are often recommended for facilities that have a moderate level of traffic, and where there is a higher emphasis on reducing the potential spread of germs. This option is ideal for restaurants, medical, dental offices, manufacturing facilities, automotive businesses, and office buildings. Learn more about the advantages of cloth roll towels in our detailed blog post.

Controlling Odour: Urinal Screens and Air Fresheners

To complete the washroom facility ensemble, urinal screens and air fresheners serve as essential additions for enhancing the overall user experience. These products play a crucial role in controlling odours, providing a fresh and pleasant environment. Touching on a different sensory experience, urinal screens and air fresheners contribute significantly to the perception of cleanliness and comfort within the washroom.

Maintenance Made Easy

Managing your washroom facility can be challenging, which is why partnering with a facility service provider offers peace of mind. Service providers ensure stock levels are maintained, providing a sufficient supply tailored to facility needs until replenishment is required. Route Service Representatives monitor this process during their regular visits to facilities, ensuring continuous availability of essential products.

A well-equipped washroom facility is vital for hygiene and user satisfaction. From choosing the right soaps, paper products and accessories to partnering with a reliable service provider, every decision impacts cleanliness and operational efficiency. To learn more about our washroom facility services, please do not hesitate to contact our team.



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