December 19, 2023

Floor Mat Rental: A Wise Investment for Cleanliness, Safety, and Efficiency

In the busy world of businesses, appearances matter. The cleanliness and safety of a space can significantly impact customer impressions, employee well-being, and overall operational efficiency. One often overlooked yet critical element in maintaining a clean and safe environment is the use of floor mats. In this article, we'll explore the many benefits of floor mat rental through various North American studies conducted, from appearance and labor to safety and ergonomics.

Appearance Matters: Making the Right First Impression

1. Store Selection: According to Progressive Grocer, 91% of shoppers choose a store based on its appearance. Clean and well-maintained floors contribute significantly to this perception.

2. Cleanliness Judgment: Consumers tend to judge cleanliness primarily by looking at floors, as revealed by CDI Research. Whether it's a retail store, restaurant, or office, the state of the floor is acritical factor in creating a positive impression.

3. Educational Institutions: A 10-year study highlighted by Cleaning & Maintenance Management showed that students selecting colleges often based their decisions on the appearance of campus entrance ways, emphasizing the lasting impact of a clean and welcoming environment.

Labor Efficiency: Saving Time and Money

1. Maintenance Costs: It is estimated that a staggering 90% of building maintenance costs involve labor. The cost of removing a pound of dirt from a modern building can exceed $600, making preventive measures crucial.

2. Custodial Time: The National Executive Housekeepers Association reports that 39% of all custodial time is devoted to floor care maintenance. Proper matting alone can save approximately 200 labor hours in the average home per year.

3. Efficiency Boost: As noted by Cleaning &Maintenance Management, spending a dollar to keep soil out of a building can save up to ten dollars in removing the soil once it's inside.

Health Benefits: Reducing Allergies and Improving Indoor Air Quality

1. Allergies and Dust: Mats act as a frontline defense against indoor allergens.

2. Indoor Air Quality: Indoor air can be up to 70times more polluted than outdoor air, with people spending 60-90% of their time indoors (Environmental Protection Agency). Matting plays a role in reducing pollutants carried indoors. Matting helps mitigate this by trapping contaminants at the entrance.

Mechanical Breakdown: Preserving Building Efficiency

1. Heating/Cooling Efficiency: A buildup of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can decrease efficiency by 21%, as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency. Floor mats play a preventative role in maintaining HVAC systems.

2. System Failures: Matting acts as a barrier, reducing the entry of these particles.

Involuntary Acts: Tracking Less Dirt Inside

1. Dirt Tracking: Without entrance matting, 1,500people can remove 42% of the finish from the floor (3M). Up to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked in by just 1,000 people over a 20-day work period (ISSA).

2. Indoor Air Pollutants: A major source of indoor air pollutants is street dust carried in on shoes. Entrance mats capture a significant portion of this dust, as noted in the Institute's Custodial Technical Handbook.

Scientific Studies: The Effectiveness of Matting

1. Dirt Removal: Studies conducted by Georgia State University reveal that only about 10% of dirt is removed from mats with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Dust Accumulation: One square yard of commercial-grade carpeting can accumulate one pound of dirt over a one-week period, as reported by the International Sanitary Supply Association.

3. Matting Length: Entrance matting covering 15 to18 feet of an entrance can prevent 80-90% of dirt from entering the facility(Cleaning & Maintenance Management).

Hazards and Health Concerns: Addressing the Root Causes

1. Wet Surfaces: 9 out of 10 slip-and-fall incidents occur on wet surfaces (Professional Retail Store Maintenance).Flooring material, floor hazards, or improper maintenance contribute to around50% of slip-and-fall accidents (NFSI).

2. Occupational Hazard: The number one incident in the workplace is slips and falls, surpassing fire, chemicals, and electrocution combined (National Safety Council). More than 1 million people suffer injuries from slips, trips, or falls in the U.S. alone each year.

Ergonomics: Enhancing Employee Well-being

1. Standing Fatigue: Standing fatigue causes physical injury, costing employers time, productivity, and money (National Safety Council).

2. Anti-Fatigue Mats: Workers who stood on anti-fatigue mats were able to reduce the level of fatigue and discomfort by as much as 50% (University of Michigan). Productivity drops by 33% for a person standing 8 hours on a concrete floor, while standing on an anti-fatigue mat increases productivity by 20-50% (OSHA).

Quintex Floor Mat System

It's important to not only use the right type of mat but to ensure you have the correct location and setup of mats in order for the mats to be most effective. Our mat experts will help set you up with the right type of mat(s) and frequency of service needed based on the size of your building and type of foot traffic. Here's an example of our popular 4 mat entry system to keep your building safe and clean:

4 Mat Entry System (Scraper, Waterhog, Standard, Messaging)

Conclusion: The Value of Floor Mat Rental

In conclusion, floor mat rental is not only a convenience but a strategic investment in maintaining a clean, safe, and efficient environment. From preserving the appearance of spaces and reducing labor costs to preventing health issues and addressing the root causes of slips and falls, the benefits of floor mat rental extend far beyond the surface. Businesses that recognize the multifaceted advantages of quality floor matting are not only safeguarding their premises but also contributing to the well-being and satisfaction of customers and employees. Find out today how Quintex can help you maintain a clean and safe environment with our floor mat rental options!








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