July 31, 2023

Embracing Innovation and Technology

Continuously looking for ways to use technology to our advantage helps us provide a better experience for our customers, improves our quality, and increases longevity for our team members by turning jobs into careers. Below are just a few examples that have helped us become one of the most innovative image providers in the industry.

We have developed our own Quintex Repair App which provides a better experience for our customers by offering easy access for users to send in garment repairs, track the status of each repair, and more! Simply scan the barcode or enter manually, click the repair option, and you’re done! The garment will automatically be sent to our repair department during the sorting process to be looked at and brought back to you once the repair is complete. Garment repair status can be tracked on the app as well and any questions can be sent to our Customer Service team to assist. This app helps Quintex lead the way in quality service that our customers have come to expect from us.

Each day thousands of garments are sorted to ensure that each of our customers receives the right garment for their day. Our state-of-the-art Jensen auto-sort system allows us to sort every garment in order by:

Service Day -> Route Number -> Customer Number -> Garment Number -> Employee Number

Where garments were previously sorted by hand, this industry leading machinery uses Artificial Intelligence to sort more efficiently each. This not only ensures our customers receive all their garments on a timely basis but it also allows our team to extend their careers at Quintex.

Our auto-sort system tracks and sorts every garment so nothing gets missed.

Our semi-automatic washfloor system allows operators to transfer garments from the washer to the dryer with the click of a button. Our conveyor system receives the wet garments from the washer, they are then transferred from the automatic conveyor to the dryer where they are dried and then emptied into a clean sling to continue through wash process. 

Our semi-automatic washfloor system improves efficiency and turns jobs into careers.

Our automatic bagger ensures that the appropriate number of towels (shop towels, bar swabs, microfiber towels, tea towels, hand towel, etc.). Towels are inspected for quality before entering the bagger which counts the exact number of towels needed before the bag is closed and transferred up the trolley into its appropriate bin. This reduces repetitive motion which in turn reduces risk of injury.

Our automatic bagger focuses on quantity so our operator can focus on quality.

Each of our mats contain a unique chip identifying important information such as the age of the mat, type of mat, and more. Our mat rolling stations not only roll 100’s of mats an hour but they also assign the mat to various routes so our mat rollers know who to give each mat to. This ensure that each customer receives the exact mats they need to keep their facility safe and clean.

Our mat rolling stations ensure every customer receives the exact mats they need.

Cloth roll towels are an environmentally friendly, hygienic solution for hand drying. At Quintex we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art towel laundering machine – the Kannegiesser Revolution – which has vastly improved our towel processing capability. This machine is the only one of its kind in North America, the result is improved longevity for our cloth roll towels and a cleaner, more hygienic product for our customers.

Our Revolution machine, the only one of its kind in North America, provides the best quality possible.

These are just a few of the many ways we have embraced technology to provide superior service to our customers, maintain the highest possible quality, and invest in our team. Interested in learning more about our process? Check out our video here or come for a tour and see it yourself!



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