July 31, 2023

A Guide to Uniform Rental Services: The Industrial and Manufacturing Industry

Renting VS Buying Uniforms

Uniforms are an important part of your business. They offer a cost benefit for your staff while also making them feel more engaged and potentially keep them safe. The right uniform program also promotes your image, lowers your costs, and allows you to focus on your business. So when it comes to picking a uniform program, is purchasing or rental the best option? That depends on what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re renting or buying uniforms for your industrial or manufacturing company, each option has several pros and cons. Renting uniforms can be advantageous as it offers cost-effectiveness, particularly when dealing with a fluctuating workforce or seasonal demands. New members are added without a large upfront cost and if a team member leaves they are easily removed from the program without additional charges being incurred when you use Quintex. Rental services from Quintex include maintenance and replacement for damaged garments, saving time and resources. Renting also allows for flexibility in design and sizing, ensuring uniforms cater to the specific needs of employees.  Industries with heavy soil, such as the industrial and manufacturing industry, require special treatment to ensure the garments are clean and look fresh each day. By using a uniform rental program you can be confident that the garments get cleaned properly. Your team will also receive a consistent image as dirty garments are picked up weekly and replaced with clean garments while any repairs are done with each weekly service call. This ensures that each team member has the right uniform to promote the company’s image and boost staff morale. Employees that are part of a uniform program also receive multiple benefits. Their uniforms do not need to be washed at home, saving time and money. They do not have to worry about damaging their own clothes, purchasing new clothes for a job, or damaging their washer and drying machine at home with these heavily soiled garments.

Buying uniforms grants industrial and manufacturing companies greater options for garments that may not be available through rental. Purchasing uniforms requires an initial investment and imposes the responsibility of managing maintenance and replacements internally. This problem can be eliminated through our QCC division where we will set up your own company webstore to save you time and money Purchasing uniform can also act as a compliment to rental, where some companies may see a need for both options Quintex can be your one-stop solution.

While most businesses in the industrial and manufacturing industry prefer rental, the decision between renting and buying uniforms for industrial and manufacturing companies depends on factors like budget, workforce size, safety requirements, and long-term objectives.

The Quintex Process

For over 100 years Quintex has helped Manitoba businesses with custom solutions to meet their needs. We work hard to gain the knowledge and expertise required to provide the highest level of service that our customers have come to know and expect. Our goal is to provide an experience so compelling to our customers that their loyalty becomes assured. 

  • Understand Your Needs: Our first step is to determine your needs. Our specialists will meet with you, in-person, to learn more about your business to identify the industrial uniform that fits your team best. We’re there to help answer questions like should I rent or buy? Why should I use Quintex? What are the benefits of uniform rental? We understand that no two businesses are the same which is why we work to find custom solutions for each of our customers.
  • Provide Solutions: Identifying the correct industrial uniform shirts, industrial uniform pants, industrial uniform coveralls, and/or other industrial apparel based on our team’s expertise is an important early step. This is important to provide comfort and safety for your team while improving the image of your business. We source top quality uniforms so your team not only looks and feels great but the uniforms last longer as well.
  • Samples and Sizing: Once we have narrowed down the industrial apparel that fits your team best, we will provide samples for your team to test before making a final decision. After the final garments are decided on we will measure your team and source necessary garments.
  • Service Strength: We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service in the industry. This starts with determining a time that works best for us to service your business. We will then assign a specific Route Service Representative (RSR) who will be in charge of servicing your account on a weekly basis. Our RSR will not only be responsible for ensuring you have everything you need on a weekly basis, but they will also be there to help answer any questions you have and make any necessary adjustments to your account as your business needs change over time. You will also have a District Manager overseeing your entire account and will be available to help answer any questions you may have. Finally, our Customer Service team provides support from our office in Winnipeg to ensure someone is available to talk to at all times. This is a service industry which is why we invest heavily in our Service department to ensure we can provide the highest quality service in the industry so that our customers are always looked after. 
  • Onboarding: With your account setup and ready to go, our VP of Customer Experience will ensure a smooth onboarding process by keeping you informed every step of the way until the install date and checking in afterwards to ensure you have everything you need.

Custom Industrial Uniforms

When it comes to custom industrial uniforms, there are several important factors to consider. Safety should be a top priority. Industrial environments often involve hazards, so custom uniforms should incorporate appropriate safety features such as high-visibility colours, reflective strips, and durable materials to protect employees from potential risks. Our sales team is trained across all industry sectors to help provide options on which shirts, pants, coveralls, and other garments are available with safety in mind to help prevent accidents from occurring.

The uniforms should adhere to industry-specific safety regulations and standards to ensure compliance. Comfort is another crucial aspect, as employees may be wearing these uniforms for extended periods. Custom industrial uniforms should be designed with ergonomic considerations, allowing freedom of movement and breathability to enhance comfort and prevent fatigue. We understand that every business is unique in the type of work that is being performed and the environment it is performed in. This is why we work closely with your business to provide options that will not only look great but will feel great as well. We source the highest quality garments available so that your team can perform their job in comfort.

Durability is also key, as industrial work can be physically demanding. The uniforms should be made from sturdy materials that can withstand the rigors of the job, minimizing the need for frequent replacements. Our wide source of uniform options ensures that we find the right fit for your business so that your uniform can not only keep up with your workday but enhance it. 

Customization options should not be overlooked. Custom industrial uniforms should allow for branding elements like company logos, colors, and employee names, promoting a professional image and fostering a sense of identity and pride among employees. Our in-house embroidery and cresting division gives you the opportunity to customize your uniforms with logos, names, and any other item you choose to add on your uniform. Simply let us know what you’re looking to add and we’ll handle the rest.

Custom Manufacturing Uniforms

There are several crucial aspects to consider when getting custom manufacturing uniforms. Safety should be a top priority and the appropriate protective gear specific to the manufacturing processes is required. Ensuring compliance with industry-specific safety regulations is essential to protect employees. Our sales team is trained to provide expertise related to garment safety so that we can help provide options on which shirts, pants, coveralls and other garments with safety in mind to help prevent accidents from occurring.

Custom manufacturing uniforms should allow for company logos, colors, and employee names or ID badges, promoting a sense of unity and pride among the workforce. By considering these factors, companies can ensure that their custom manufacturing uniforms prioritize safety, comfort, durability, and customization to meet the specific needs of their manufacturing operations. Our in-house embroidery and cresting division gives you the opportunity to customize your uniforms with logos, names, and any other item you choose to add on your uniform. Simply let us know what you’re looking to add and we’ll handle the rest.

Protection From Hazardous Materials

Industrial uniforms play a crucial role in protecting workers from hazardous materials in the workplace. Here are a few ways in which industrial uniforms provide this protection:

Barrier against Chemicals: Industrial uniforms are designed with materials that act as a barrier against various chemicals. They are often treated or made from fabrics that are resistant to specific hazardous substances, preventing direct contact with the skin and minimizing the risk of chemical burns or absorption.

Flame Resistance: In environments where fire or heat is a potential hazard, industrial uniforms are made from flame-resistant materials. These fabrics are designed to self-extinguish when exposed to flames, reducing the risk of burns and providing workers with valuable time to escape a hazardous situation.

Protection against Particles and Debris: Industrial uniforms, particularly coveralls or overalls, are designed to shield the body from particles, dust, and debris. These uniforms are made with tightly woven or non-permeable fabrics that prevent the penetration of harmful substances into the clothing and reduce the risk of inhalation or skin contact.

High-Visibility Features: In industries where workers need to be visible in low-light or high-traffic areas, industrial uniforms often incorporate high-visibility colors and reflective strips. These features enhance visibility and ensure that workers are easily spotted, reducing the risk of accidents or collisions.

Protective Accessories: Industrial uniforms may also include additional accessories like gloves, goggles, helmets, or respiratory protection, depending on the specific hazards present in the workplace. These accessories complement the uniform and provide targeted protection for specific body parts or potential exposure areas.

It's important to note that industrial uniforms alone may not provide complete protection against all hazards. Proper training, adherence to safety protocols, and the use of additional personal protective equipment (PPE) are also essential for comprehensive workplace safety. Industrial uniforms are just one element in a holistic approach to protecting workers from hazardous materials.

Importance of High Visibility

High visibility clothing is significant in the manufacturing industry for the following reasons:

Safety Enhancement: High visibility clothing, often featuring fluorescent colors such as orange, yellow, or lime green, combined with reflective strips, significantly enhances visibility of workers in low-light conditions or areas with heavy machinery and equipment. This visibility allows for quick identification and reduces the risk of accidents, collisions, or entanglements, improving overall safety in the manufacturing environment.

Hazardous Material Awareness: In manufacturing facilities where hazardous materials are present, high visibility clothing helps workers and supervisors identify individuals who are authorized to handle or be in proximity to these substances. This awareness reduces the likelihood of unauthorized personnel entering restricted areas or engaging in hazardous activities, enhancing workplace safety.

Traffic Management: Manufacturing facilities often involve a high volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, with workers moving across various sections of the facility. High visibility clothing helps distinguish workers from other moving objects, enabling vehicle operators and equipment operators to spot them easily and take appropriate precautions, thereby reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Emergency Situations: During emergencies such as fire incidents, power outages, or evacuations, high visibility clothing ensures that workers can be quickly located and accounted for. Emergency responders can easily identify individuals wearing high visibility clothing, enabling them to provide assistance and ensure everyone's safety more efficiently.

Compliance with Regulations: Many manufacturing industries are subject to safety regulations that require the use of high visibility clothing in certain work areas or conditions. Compliance with these regulations is crucial to avoid penalties, maintain a safe working environment, and demonstrate a commitment to worker safety.

Overall, high visibility clothing plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry by enhancing worker safety, improving visibility in hazardous environments, facilitating traffic management, aiding in emergency situations, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. By prioritizing the use of high visibility clothing, manufacturing companies can mitigate risks, reduce accidents, and create a safer work environment for their employees.


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