January 20, 2023

Top 7 Benefits of Employee Uniforms

Staff uniforms serve a variety of purposes and are used in every industry to promote a company’s image, boost morale, and potentially meet regulatory and safety requirements. Whatever your reason is for looking at company uniforms, it’s important to remember all the potential benefits an employee uniform program can provide:

  1. Create a Positive Business Image: You work hard promoting your image, a company uniform can help enhance it by your people promoting the brand with each interaction they have. This professional image can help attract and retain customers.
  2. Protect Your Team: Fire resistant (FR), reflective, and other safety apparel ensures that your company meets regulatory requirements and more importantly, keeps your team safe.
  3. Employee Benefit: Look good, feel good, do good. Employee uniforms save your team money on laundering time an expense while also avoiding damage to their personal clothes. It also creates a sense of team spirit and belonging having everyone wear the same uniform. Looking to have certain team members stand out for safety purposes? An employee uniform can help make that happen. This helps not only the individual team members but the overall morale for the company.
  4. Promote Your Brand: Choosing a uniform your company’s colours and logos offers free advertising opportunities with each interaction your team members have with the a customer or potential customer.
  5. Cost Savings: Having your own on-premise laundry (OPL) takes time to operate, takes up valuable safe, and costs money to operate using chemicals, water, energy, and labor. Inevitably things break and parts or machines have to be replaced which costs even more money. There’s also the opportunity cost of not having a uniform program where time is spent discussing uniforms rather than on your core business. Leave the headache to us so we can focus on what we love doing so you can focus on what you love doing. 
  6. Sustainable: Maintaining a clean uniform can be damaging on the environment. It takes chemicals, water, and energy to wash and dry uniforms. Uniforms also get damaged and have to be repaired or replaced which can mean more waste. A uniform provider can help mitigate all these issues and create a greener alternative than an OPL or washing uniforms at home, be sure to review the company’s environmental impact to see what they’re doing to protect the environment before making your decision. 
  7. Sanitary: Uniforms programs are designed for specific industry and businesses. This ensures that proper cleaning and drying is done to prevent any contamination on garments. Further steps can be taking by wrapping products in order to prevent dirt or dust from coming in contact with the garments after the wash process.
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